Reclaimed Woodworks -- Steve Sziklai

Artist's Statement


 Steve Sziklai                                             604 836 5114




A part time hobby of woodworking has evolved into a passion to create unique pieces from ‘found’ wood materials.  Source materials include castoff exotic hardwoods destined for the landfill from commercial enterprises; wood stored for years in basements; recently felled trees; and driftwood gathered on the local beaches. 


The source material dictates the completed work and each piece is a ‘one of a kind’ work. .  Many aspects of a given project are not planned but, seemingly, plan themselves as informed by the materials being used.  My projects include trays; cutting and cheese boards; earrings, finger and napkin rings; candlesticks; turned bowls, egg cups, and vases; and wooden kitchen utensils. I also make larger works such as chairs; garden gates and arbors; tables; and sculptural pieces. With ‘glue ups’ using small resource materials, the contrasting mixed species materials yield interesting patterns.


It is the natural shape, colour, and character / grain of the wood that is much of the artistic component of the completed work.  I finish the pieces to protect and highlight the natural beauty.





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